Mexico: Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty

When Lady Felicity and I set out for Mexico, we had two main goals. One was to explore the Mayan ruins across the country, and the second was to discover some of the country’s incredible marine life – with our main goal being to see the grey whales of Magdalena Bay.

We found both, and so much more. Our adventure started in the pre-Mayan city of Teotihuacan. The experience of driving from our hotel that first morning in Mexico and rounding the corner to see the Pyramid of the Sun appearing near the road is one which will stay with me all of my life.

While we travelled, as always, I had video cameras with me. Over the last few months we have been busy editing the video into our first travel documentary – a 58 minute adventure travel video featuring Lady Felicity and myself, alongside a cast which includes grey whales, whale sharks, howler monkeys, sea lions and crocodiles!

Have a watch on YouTube now – and if you enjoy the video then please subscribe on YouTube, and be sure to leave a comment to let us know which bits of the video you particularly enjoyed!

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