Hereford Steampunk Weekend 2019!

Greetings one and all to this week’s blog!

It was a long weekend, and I am now somewhat tired, but it was totally worth it to kick my Steampunk festival season off at the Hereford Steampunk Weekend!

Now in its third year (you can find out about last year’s event on an older Tales From The Road podcast episode), the event takes place at the Waterworks Museum in Hereford – and what a venue it is! The working steam engines throughout the site are a wonder to behold, and the staff and volunteers are all so welcoming that they make the entire event a treat.

Going into the weekend, I had made a couple of new additions to the Stage-Trike – minor ones ahead of some bigger additions I’m hoping to arrange as the season progresses.

The first addition for this weekend was a new poster advertising the audiobook ( for anyone wanting the digital version), which also really smartens up the front of the trike as the old one was starting to look a little tatty!

The second new addition was in the Museum of Curios on the right-hand side of the trike – a 20 million-year-old fossilised whale ear bone! A fascinating find from Island Gems Fossil Shop on the Isle of Wight, and an interesting addition for you to come over to see when you see the time at events. Remember if you see me at an event, you can always ask for a ’tour’ of the museum, and I’ll show you the objects inside a little closer. If you have any ideas of other objects that should be in there, please leave a comment below to let me know!

The event itself was fabulous fun. As we had the fabulous Ichabod Steam and his Steampunk Submarine, Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show and Kiss Like Ether performing during the day, I just did a couple of juggling ’crowd’ shows and focused on doing more close up with the stage-trike which was a great little change of pace. Plus, my good friend Paul bought me a beautiful deck of golden playing cards which he gave me on the Saturday morning and which I wanted to use over the weekend!

I was also handing out the first of my free Spring/Summer 2019 souvenir booklets, and am working on a nice little routine involving that. They seem to have been really well received – and one trader even came up to me and said they would like to advertise in the next one, which is a good sign – and a great opportunity for me to thank all of those who advertised in this one and made it possible. It was lovely to see SteampunkdotGlobal, Lurcher Gallery and Amy’s Steampunk Emporium over the weekend, all of whom contributed adverts to help get the programmes printed.

The evening show on Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend for me. To start with I got to host the evening with Mr Alexander. I always enjoy crossing over with Mr Alexander on the circuit, his performance style contrasts wonderfully with mine, but our performing philosophies I think I can safely say cross over nicely, and he is the perfect example of a good old fashioned family entertainer. A joy for me to both work with, and personally just to see over the weekend and have a chance to talk about touring, magic, and life in general.

Me, watching my favourite of Mr Alexander’s routines. Thanks to Richard for the photograph.

The first act we introduced was Kiss Like Ether. Kris and Adrian are both fabulous supporters of all I do – they provide the music for series one of The Last Airship, the Tales From The Road podcast, and my audiobook.

Performing some magic for Kiss Like Ether and assorted traders and public.

I am currently editing two music videos for them, so I have seen them both in January, but after an enforced absence from the stage due to injury, it was a genuine pleasure to see them both back where they belong – and, as consummate professionals, they carried on despite the fuses going halfway through the set!

Next up was Ichabod Steam and Debbie with their new show, Ichabod Steam’s Dark Side. I want to say a lot about this show, but I also want to leave it for you all to enjoy yourselves! What I can say without fear of spoilers is that the music was every bit as good as you would expect from such a skilled musician, and the show is great fun.

The headline act was the Captain of the Lost Waves – in my opinion a performer beyond compare, whose musical skill, stage presence and all over performance is incredible – I highly recommend looking him up on YouTube, or getting a copy of his albums.

Overall it was a wonderful event, and thanks and congratulations on a successful event are due to all at the museum, all the volunteers, staff, traders and acts – but especially to David Smith who organised the entire event. He has his next event coming up next week -the Seaside Steampunk Spectacular in Minehead – I’ll be there, and I’ll be hosting the cabaret evenings on Saturday and Sunday night – so don’t miss out on those – remember will get you all the information you need on this and all.of my shows this year.

Please remember you can support the second series of ’The Last Airship’, and all I do, at

Thank you all for reading!


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