Steam Trains, Stage-Trike, and Shortbread!

This Easter long weekend I dusted off the Incredible Stage-Trike and set off to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway at Havenstreet for five days of fun and games at the station. The Railway is always a special place for me to perform – it is one of my most regular venues throughout the year, and so I know the people there well – and they know me!

The event went really well, and was fun as always. If you want to listen to me get over excited about a truly magical moment performing the ‘Chop Cup’ routine, then head over and listen to my podcast, Greg Chapman’s Tales From The Road, on your favourite podcast app, or right here:

A large part of the weekend was spend discussing the upcoming Isle of Wight Steampunk Festival to be held at the station in June – which acts will be there (myself, the wonderful Mr Alexander and Ichabod Steam and his Steampunk Submarine are confirmed, other acts to be confirmed over the coming months) and what exactly Steampunk is for those who didn’t know. Of course, there is always the struggle to define the Steampunk genre while allowing complete freedom within the genre, which is an interesting challenge.

Speaking of which, my other big task this week has been writing my souvenir booklets for Spring/Summer 2019. This is idea that started with my Christmas show tour in December. That being an evening show, I created a programme, and actually really enjoyed the process, but wanted it to be seen by more people.

At the same time I should have been preparing some new leaflets for this season – but I am very bad with leaflets. Either I end up with a whole pile of leaflets for different projects, or a flyer trying to cover everything I do in a couple of lines each, which I’m sure very few people ever look through, and which I always forget to hand out unless I’m asked directly.

The result of this was that I have put together the first Greg Chapman Souvenir Booklet, which I will be handing out free to all and sundry over the next few months until the end of September. A collection of wonderful businesses have booked advertising space in the programme to cover the cost of printing the 12 page booklets (initial print run of 1000 copies, but a reserve of funds to buy more as the season progresses depending on their popularity).

I have written a new story, I have a fantastic introduction explaining Steampunk – courtesy of The Captain of the Lost Waves no less – a new short story from the Ever So Slightly Exaggerated Tales of Mr Greg Chapman, and all sorts of other bits and pieces including details of various projects like the podcast and The Last Airship. Hopefully this will be a much better way to spread the word about all of the various projects – and will allow everything to reach a much wider audience as anticipation (hopefully) builds for the second series of The Last Airship!

More updates on everything soon, but for now, Goodbye, and take care!

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