Funding Update For Series Two!

Current Funds Raised:

Basic Target: £0 of £2600

All-Out Target: £0 of £5500

So we’re gearing up for The Last Airship Series 2: Hunt For The Nautilus! We have big plans for series 2 – and we are filming as much as possible with real-world sets and miniatures to replace the reliance on CGI of series one!

This costs money though – to do most of what we want to do, would cost us at least £2600 from where we are now – and a lot more to do everything we hope to do in the series (about £5500!).

This series we are not currently planning a big crowdfunder, but are hoping to raise all the funds through three channels:

The Patreon page: – the easiest way to directly donate, and to get advanced notice on some news, and additional behind the scenes information from as little as $1 per month!

The Last Airship Shop: The profit from every item bought from the supplies section of will go towards the series! T-shirts, mugs, and more besidea can be found there!

Greg’s Audiobook: All proceeds from the sale of my audiobook, ‘The Ever So Slightly Exaggerated Tales of Mr Greg Chapman’, either at shows or as a download version at, will go towards the series!

As of Friday 19th April I’ll be updating The Last Airship blog, and the pinned post on the Facebook page, to let you know how we are proceeding towards our goal!

My aim is to have the basic funding goal reached by 29th June – the day before my 34th birthday, and the day of the inaugural Bristol Steampunk Saturday!

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