The Beginning…

This morning Facebook popped up with a memory, showing me that two years ago today I uploaded the first ‘teaser trailer’ for The Last Airship, our Steampunk Webseries.

This was in the first stages of work on the first series. We had a concept, a basic script, and ambition, and we were ready to take some concrete action and get the series made.

I had compiled the first teaser using footage from episodes of my old ‘Condensed Histories’ series and short videos filmed with Lady Felicity at the Buckingham Steampunk Weekend, in order to give an idea of the feel of the show. This was to form the start of our crowdfunding campaign for the series.

Fast forward two years today, and we are in a similar position – ramping up preparations for the new series, trying to raise funds (not currently with a large crowdfunder planned, but through our Patreon account at and our shop on https://www.thelastairship/com), and working to refine scripts and create props.

Although now we start with a series behind us, which we face the challenge of exceeding in the next series. We know what we did right… and what we want (and need) to improve on.

Between the series the crew, and especially Lupo, have worked hard to give the Skyvern an overhaul, and behind the scenes we are doing the same thing as we start work on the new miniature Skyvern prop to replace the CGI airship of series 1.

So now seemed the right time to also begin a blog, which alongside The Last Airship facebook page and Greg Chapman’s Tales From The Road podcast, will keep you up to date on all the latest news as we prepare The Last Airship to fly again!

Thank you for reading,


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